I am creating free content over at kaijuthulhu.wordpress.com 

Here is the introductory post:


Kaijuthulhu is a semi-regular blog about games and gaming. Lots of it will be free gaming material. Along side that will be announcements things I have published, games I am interested in, and maybe something about games.  Did I mention games?

The term “kaijuthulhu” refers to a Sentai/Anime-Call of Chthulhu mash up that never got published but you can see the one commissioned art work in the banner and in full below.

So why am I doing this and why should you care?  I am doing it to have a creative outlet for things that don’t quite fit into either a publishable pitch, an ongoing game, or any reasonable other place.  Once I have some material up here to serve as bait I plan on:

a) starting a patreon

b) upgrading to the non-free version of wordpress

c) offering exclusive Patreon content that you can help choose

d) publishing somethings under the Kaijuthulhu name on the various pdf sites.

Why should you care? Free stuff for games including DnD 5e, Savage Worlds, Unknown Armies, Cypher System, and more including some systemless material about running games or setting material.

Also, I do have some experience with this. For example:

Deep Magic: Clockwork, Kobold Press July 2016

Articles for Kobold Press website: College of Gates, Planar Nomad, Former Cultist, Travel Domain, Pact of the Key, Oath of the Watchers, Gravebinder, Champion of Anu-Akman, Sword Dancer, Face of Bastet, Feats of the Southlands, The Way of the Southlands. 2015- present.

Spookshow: A Gumshoe Game, Scott Carter Games, July 2015

Five Count: Death Becomes You, Scott Carter Games, June 2015

Five Count: Hearts of Ice, Scott Carter Games, June 2015

Ghul, Scott Carter Games, June 2015

Worldwalker, Scott Carter Games, June 2015

Victoriana: Across the Pond. Cubicle 7 Entertainment, Forthcoming.

“Black Eyed Children” The Unspeakable Oath. Arc Dream Publishing. 2014

Victoriana: Liber Magica (with Walt Ciechanowski, Stever Ironside, Nimrod Jones and Andrew Peregrine). Cubicle 7 Entertainment, 2014.

Imperial Age Omnibus. Print on demand, Adamant Entertainment  2009.

Imperial Age: Faeries (with Donna K. Fitch). Adamant Entertainment, 2008.

Imperial Age Grimoire. Adamant Entertainment, 2008.

“The Passover,” Targum, a Magazine for TestamentIssue 03 (2007): 24-26. Highmoon Media

Codex Paragons: Sun & Sea Dwellers (with Mark Gedak, Daniel M. Perez), Highmoon Media)

Codex Paragons: Forest Dwellers (with Mark Gedak, Daniel M. Perez). Highmoon Media, 2007.

“Adventure Locations: Friends (and Foes) in High Places,” Targum, a Magazine for Eternal Rome and Testament. Issue 2.Highmoon Media, 2007.

Imperial Age Magick (with Walt Ciechanowski). Adamant Entertainment, 2006.

Magesmithing 101 . West Palm Beach, FL: Dog Soul Publishing, 2006.

Golemcraft 101 . West Palm Beach, FL: Dog Soul Publishing, 2006.

Liber Sodalitus: The Pneumaphagoi. Miami, FL: Highmoon Media, 2006.

(Contributor) Suck Da Head, Squeeze Da Tail – Cajun Arcana. West Palm Beach, FL: Dog Soul Publishing, 2006.

“Ghost on Tape,” Ghost Stories contest winner #2, White Wolf

(Contributor) Dragon Compendium Volume 1. Bellevue, WA: Paizo Publishing, 2005.

Iron Horse of Pulp Destruction. (With Donna K. Fitch) Louis Porter Junior Design, 2005.

No Other Gods, A Testament Adventure. Miami, FL : Highmoon Media, 2005.

Prototype: Cleaner . Louis Porter Junior Design, 2005

“Arcane Ancestry 2: More Bloodline Feats for Sorcerers,” Dragon. 325 (2004): 46+.

“Arcane Ancestry: Bloodline Feats for the Sorcerer,” Dragon. 311 (2003): 33+.

“A New Kind of Magic,” Pyramid online magazine. (August 22, 2003)

You can look for those things on drivethrurpg.com/rpgnow.com etc. Most of them were work for hire so I won’t get anything but a few of them still give me a percentage.

I hope you enjoy what will be coming out and will consider supporting future work.