Kaizenstan lore # 3
 creps, the dead cell virus, and thin men  


These little nasties make up the dead cell virus thriving in only the most foul of places these sins against creation makeup amorphous blobs of single cellular organisms that feed upon necrotic tissue.. Harmless at first, once one touches the writhing, fleshy mass they’ll learn of its mutagenic properties. Whatever dead flesh the blobs consumed before merging with a host will drastically change the unfortunate victims attributes to make them resemble an unholy conjunction of the deceased in personality and form. The masses dubbed creps  are sometimes harvested and cultivated for the purpose of making super soldiers though all attempts in making them have lead to disaster  

The thin men are those touched by the dead cell virus their bodies are distortions made up of the various life forms the blob they merged with devoured. Arms and various other forms of limbs will often jutt out of their bodies. Freakishly strong, and more often than not driven mad by the  unnatural and hellish pain created during the mutation process they’re considered

exceptionally dangerous even by skilled vonny warriors. But pity them as the mad ones are doomed to seek out the flesh of the fallen and consume it until their body is  nothing more than festering pit of flesh, organs, fur and limbs.

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