Kaja Facial Features by Paul Davies
So, we've had some tried and true races that we've seen in the past few weeks and months, even though they might have different interpretations from what they typically look like in various mediums. Not all of the races that I have are so cut and dry though. I have a couple of anthropomorphic races that needed to be given a good representation, and I can tell you that there should be nothing to worry about with Paul at the helm. Recently, we've been tackling the Kaja, who, in the world of Tellest, are humanoid cats. There are a variety of them, from the Jaeg-Yuar to the Sabreclaws, and they are as distinct as night and day. We wanted to get a basic concept underway, and that started with some face testing. These examples here were what eventually led us to the one we picked, and I'm very sure you'll be satisfied with the end result. Though the final piece looks nothing like it, we chose the one on the right to move forward with. Stay tuned for the rest in this series!
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