'Kaleidoscope: Expand + Contract'
Found an old version of  'Kaleidoscope' in a drawer so dusted it off and polished it up. I've  attached below what it's about, kinda deep but to lighten it I mixed  Russ Abbot's "oh what an atmosphere" into the audio 😉
Kaleidoscope  consists of a cube & a mirror. Cube=The Individual - Mirror=Outside  Perspective. The concept of seeing people as digital images. If one  pixel represents 1 piece of information of the Individual the more  pixels, the better the image. Life is constantly changing from day to  day, minute to minute, through experience and thought, the pixels  continuously adjusting. Outside Perspective of the Individual will be  forever distorted and never the same from a different view. In  'Kaleidoscope' Life is "The Rainbow" - not one pixel but many make up an  Individual