Kallen Stadtfeld(term13)

I draw the from Code Geass Kallen this time!

Speaking of Bunny Kallen, this scene is impressive

A black king is an appearance this time!

I imagined and drew the scene when a Black king was successful in rabbit hunt.  

※The completed picture has been uploaded. 


【Term13, $1 course reward】

  • rub the breast ver (boob pixelization on)(reduced size)
  • Man(Black king)off and  boob exposure ver(boob pixelization on)(reduced size)

【Term13, $5 course reward】 

  • (Including $1 course of contents)
  • Bunny suit off ver(tights  on) (crotch pixelization on)  (full size) 

【Term13, $10 course reward】

  • (Including $5 course of contents)
  • Nude ver
  • Gaping ver
  • Erotic Coin ver
  • Pussy  Splash ver
  • Extra ver(three to five types)


(This reward is included in term13 to hand to the person who entered Patreon for from August1 to August31)


※About the reward toward the patron, I prepare and send a download link of reward between 1st and 10th of next month via patreon messages system.

※I hand the reward data(zip data) using GoogleDrive