KANADA / Table of Contents
The premium reward for Patrons at the $5 pledge level (or above!) is KANADA, a comic novel filled with darkness, a spiritual cousin to Franz Kafka’s AMERIKA, starring a troubled and stumbling man named “I” — an experimental novel fusing humour and nightmare. As the story grows, this table of contents will be updated and allow for ease of reading and re-reading, and will help orient new patrons.

The first third of the novel (the complete novella) is now published and available for download here. 



In which we prepare to begin 

In which I is silent 

In which I ignores signs 

In which the storm begins 

In which I becomes the subject of discussion

In which I speaks

In which I considers his story

In which I loses his home

In which I begins to grasp his situation 

In which I is offered Shakespeare's advice 

In which I chooses what he will keep 

In which I discovers his watch 

In which I approaches the Winnipeg Wall 

In which I stands before the West Gates 

In which I first encounters the world 

In which I passes through the West Gates 

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