This week is wildly different because I want to shill for an art contest that State Library Victoria is putting on with Redbubble. It’s open to anyone, and there’s still a week left. Here’s the link with the details. Go check out the other entries, lots of great art!

And take a look at how sweet this guy looks on phone cases on my redbubble page:

I just wanted the chance to draw some cute furry critter (made a fur brush :)). So. Kangaroos. They can be up to 6 ft tall and 120 lbs, ranging down to much smaller wallaby sized critters with the wallaroos in-between. Kangaroos are the only large animals to use hopping as a means of locomotion. Otherwise they walk on all five legs.  Ok, four legs and one tail, but the tail is used as a tripod so it can bring it’s hind legs forward.  

They’re not ruminants, but they do chew their cud, because it’s australia. and they have a gap in their teeth, like horses do, which looks kinda funny in their skulls, (close to end of page)  

they aren’t really threatened by native predators, because the marsupial lion is extinct. (hey you know what else is super common in australia? fanny packs) but dingoes are known to try to eat them, so kangaroos gang up on the dingoes and then drown them. females are pregnant with two babies at all times, in different stages of development. and by via mind-meld, they can halt the birth of one if the other guy is a bit slow to move out of his parent’s basement. also they can mind-control the content of the milk based on which baby is eating at the moment. Like sharks, they need to swim to breathe, or hop to breathe, ok, they don’t need to but it works in tandem so they expend less energy overall.  They have eggs with shells, but don’t lay them, the babies are born live like little determined lima beans, crawling through kangaroo fur up the pouch and down the pouch again to find their little spot at the milk bar on the inside (it takes them 5 minutes). this triggers the whole cycle again. then the baby spends the next nine months hopping out and hopping back in before finally getting kicked out by mom when she’s had the next one (grabs him and shakes him by the shoulders, “joey, get a job mate”).  

They make fine pets, incidentally. Once when I was working radios and desks at a private airport, some people came through and they had two baby kangaroos in strollers, a red and a gray, each with a bottle of milk in one hand and a handful of alfalfa in the other. I looked at them, and they looked at me, and then the kangaroos said ‘oi, wocha **** staring at ****?’ and their accent was so weird that I couldn’t understand it until I turned my head upside down and then it was fine.  

Xander probably employs lots of them to run his court system on Eynhallow.