Kanji: 叩・コウ・たたく・strike, beat, hit, thrash, criticise
 叩・コウ・たたく・strike, beat, hit, thrash, criticise. Made up of 口 mouth and 卩 kneeling person. Literally an ideograph of a卩 kneeling person being 口 berated/criticised by someone. 口 is the phonetic in this kanji, from the Chinese kǒu.

Related words:
叱・シツ・しかる・scold, reprove
叶・キョウ・かなえる・grant, answer
吐・ト・はく・spit, vomit, belch, confess, tell (lies)
叫・キョウ・さけぶ・shout, exclaim, yell