Kardify Magazine Issue #13
Hi Patrons! Issue #13 of Kardify magazine is here...! We've updated the Magazine to feature more images of your favourite decks and also new category tags to clearly identify each article. This issue will be made available for free and you will not be charged this month. In this issue:

MOAI Playing Cards: Check out the intriguing new deck by BOCOPO Playing Card Co.

On Kickstarter- 45s: Crafted for Cardistry and currently seeking funds on Kickstarter

Superfly Stardust: The second deck in the popular Superfly series by Toomas Pintson.

Orbit Deck Fifth Edition: The popular deck has been updated with a new colorway, giving it a retro look.

BlackTales Playing Cards: Five things you didn’t know about this pirate-inspired deck by Ed M.Crown.

EDC- Card Mafia: Have a look at Kevin Yu’s gears.

+ Green Wheel Playing Cards: Check out the gorgeous Green Wheel Playing Cards by DKNG and Art of Play

Cherry Casino Blue Tahoe: New addition to the popular Cherry Casino series by Pure Imagination Projects.

Mondrian Broadway: A modern eye-catching deck from Murphy’s Magic and gotmagic?

… and more! 46 pages of articles and deck images. Enjoy!

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