Katamari Damacy Cosplay Photos!
Recently, I had the pleasure of working with FellowSheep Cosplay  to take photos of their award-winning Katamari Damacy cosplays of the King & Queen of All Cosmos. It was a very fun shoot and I enjoyed working on it! 

FellowSheep Cosplay  is a group by Kelsey Brunton and Ryan Dicy. Their beautiful cosplays have won them several awards and they'll be representing Team Canada at next year's World Cosplay Summit . Be sure to check them out and cheer them on!

I have uploaded my favorite photos from the shoot to my Facebook Page for all to see. As the photos have already been paid for by my clients, I will not be charging Patrons for it. Feel free to take a look!

Cosplay Photography - Katamari Damacy 

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