Kataria - rough sketch
Happy Monday everyone!! (I imagine you all scowling back at me when I say that) but I sincerely do mean it. Monday mornings can be tough, but it can be an exciting time for possibilities. I like to plan my goals for the day, and for the week. Doing that gives me more motivation to start working and forget how tired I am XD

Commissioned character for fantasy author and super cool dude, Sam Sykes. You can follow him @SamSykesSwears or SamSykes.com

Just rough sketch version for now, will be taking this character to high polish painting! Look forward to sharing the process with you all! 

WIll stream whenever I can. My apoligies for random schedule, still haven't found a good day for me to stream other than Tuesday, but I AM trying!!


Have a good start of the work week everyone! Show your support by liking and commenting on this post. 

If you have any questions, or interested in the psd, let me know (=