Katha Introduction

Katha Pranayama is the second most powerful practice in the world for leading you into the state of consciousness known as Samadhi (or silence of the mind). SamadhiDev cognized this practice 3 years ago and has instructed over 200 people in its use, which has lead to significant occurrences of deep meditation. 

Contraindications: Stitches (that could burst open with large expansive breaths), pregnancy (if pregnant-use your own guidance about how intensely to participate)

Beyond the benefits to your spiritual practice -having a gateway to Samadhi, which is the gateway to Source Experiences, there might be reason to believe that if you have COPD or respiratory issues your doctor might suggest the regular use of an exercise such as this to expand your lung capacity (prohibited by FDA to suggest more than that). Please check with your doctor if you have any concerns about participating in this practice.


1.  To get any results from this practice you must engage 100%. Each breath should be taken deeply like you are about to be dunked under water!!! Each exhale should be forced out, emptying your lungs of ALL air, as though trying to collapse them.

2. You will be asked to inhale and hold, and then inhale again and hold, and inhale again and hold before finally exhaling. This is possible because each inhale expands the lungs further, creating more room. Breathe as deep as possible each time. If you can't take anymore, continue to attempt to inhale.

3. If you realize at any point that you have quit breathing and have come back into a self aware state after "nothingness"... It's OK! This might mean that you went into a state of Samadhi. Pay attention to this, it is a good sign and the very goal of the Katha Pranayama. 

4. Before beginning the audio, please make sure that you are in a quiet location where you will not be disturbed. You should be seated in a comfortable posture. There will be a bell at the end of the breathing technique.


Katha is the Hindu god of death. This pranayama was cognized by SamadhiDev when he spontaneously discovered he was inhaling, inhaling, inhaling and decided to see if he could possibly blow up his lungs by continuing to inhale.... he discovered that he could not. He began to exhale, exhale, exhale, etc to see if there was a possibility of collapsing the lungs.... he discovered that he could not. In realizing this, there was a transcendence of the fear of death.  

This reward is available at the $3+ level. Thank you very much!!!

Q: What is the MOST POWERFUL breathing technique in the world?

A: We recognize Sudarshan Kriya by the Art Of Living Foundation as the most powerful breathing technique in the world.  

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