Katie & Mark Make a Halestorm Rain Down on BHE
Ok, ok, ok... I know that title is HORRIBLE, but I HAD to!!!

Journalist Katie Silverman had the total delight of reviewing Halestorm's concert at the AZ State Fair last Thursday! One of our new photographers on the team (official announcements for all new staff coming SOON), Mark Greenawalt, was assigned to the show - he had actually brought it up and asked to cover it first, and that was great because I was so busy that it had fallen off of my radar. Katie and Mark did FABULOUS job with this one! I am extremely happy with their work! Especially Mark's, since this was his first assignment and he KILLED it! I am so grateful to be working with such professional and pleasant team members. THANK YOU KATIE & MARK!!!

Check out the review & photo album!: http://bit.ly/2yoNzVm

I know I owe you guys a patrons-only post. I've been saying it in every post the past few times now. I'm holding myself accountable! It's not as if I'm slacking, haha, I just haven't had a chance to come up for air! It WILL come, especially given my changing work situation (#teaser).

Coming up next is Sean's review of the Portugal. the Man concert, and Mckayla & Dale's work covering the MRCH album release party!

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Best Wishes,

Katherine Amy Vega

Owner, Manager, Media Artist - Burning Hot Events & Kataklizmic Design