Kawaii Newsletter 4/14/2015 - A Big Announcement!! And also T-Shirts are back
This is an open post for general stuff. It's important, I promise!! This is the 20th week of the Kawaiikochan Patreon! Soon we'll be at half a year. I'm immensely grateful for everybody's contributions: I had no idea if this was ever going to work. With your continued support I can keep working to make sure the comic gets bigger and better and better again. Also! The Kawaiikochan T-shirt is back up for sale. (http://teespring.com/kawaiikochans2015) I suspect that a lot of the people who'd be reading this have it already, but I had gotten some requests. To do a small print run, however, I had to raise the price accordingly, from $20 to $25. Might I remind you what a lovely and high-quality shirt this is? And how soft and nice it feels. Lastly, as I have hinted at, I am definitely, officially on my way to Tokyo this summer. This has massive Kawaii Implications. I don't think there's anything more appropriate for a Kawaiikochan project than a trip to Japan. So I'm gonna say it!! With everybody's help (via this Patreon, via a conventional crowdfund, and by auctioning a rarity or two), I would like to produce a book-length (~100 pages) Kawaiikochan travelogue, chock full of comics, info, fun and gamesoft. The tentative title is "Shin Nihon Keikaku". Give yourself 20 Kawaii Points if you fully understand this title. Partial credit is 5 Kawaii Points. See an early example of the treatment, but done at Barcade, here (and also the last time I talked about this.) http://kawaiikochan.tumblr.com/post/111907765341/we-went-there-barcade-game-center-check-hi After that comic I pitch this idea as an arcade-hunt; though arcades and gaming in general will be a main focus, expect a little something from the whole range of otaku interests. We will, after all, be staying in Akihabara. I have a plan, an agenda, or, as they say, a keikaku for this trip... but I also want to hear from you. Is this something you're interested in? What kind of things would you like to see? Leave a comment and let's talk about it!!
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