Kawaii Newsletter 7/27/15: EVO 2015 KAWAIILIGHTS GUILTY'S “THAT MATCH”

The title is a gag on the Guilty Gear villain “That Man,” who's to blame for everything in the GG universe. Even when Xrd flashes back to Sol and That Man in college, you never find out the guy's name, nor see his face.

Of course when you say “that Guilty Gear match at Evo this year” everybody who watched knows what you're talking about. It made ESPN. If you didn't watch any of the videos, go do that, but basically: in a tense situation the pressure of the match clouded Woshige's judgment. He was so wound up in the game that he forgot the round count, and, after bringing the best-of-three match to a 1-1 tie, he went up for a victory dance. By the time everybody told him what was happening, it was already too late, as his opponent Ogawa (very likely the best GG player in the world) was already in the process of taking the round.

Woshige lost the whole set to this folly; he didn't manage to get up to grand finals to rematch Ogawa for the title (a dream situation), but he did place third. He had a very real chance to win it all, and this screwup cost him big.

Anyway, I figured the Kawaiikochans needed to re-enact this story, so they did so as well as four panels would allow. To get the whole spectacle into 4 panels, while portraying the thought process, I had to start from the Hell Fire combo.

“Hell Fire” is an Xrd gameplay mechanic where Overdrives (super moves) do a higher amount of damage when the player's health is low. Typically in GG, an OD in a combo is not really worth the amount of damage it gives versus resources spent, so players don't use it. Hell Fire is an attempt to change that a little. The corner situation and Hell Fire really change things for Millia, as she can cancel any hit into two of her OD moves in a row for some devastating comeback damage.

It's fairly rare to see this in Xrd, and Woshige was understandably extremely excited after making such a comeback against probably the best GG player in the world in the highest-stakes GG tournament in the world... so he forgot where he was or what time it was or what the round count was, leading to this tragedy.

“Minnabody” is a Kawaiikochan Original Word which I will continue to push relentlessly.

“Yare yare da ze” (give me a break) is Sol Badguy's catchphrase, which he stole rather blatantly from Jojo's Jotaro Kujo.

Though I've sort of grown the use of “bop” in Kawaiikochan as its own thing, “getting bopped” happens to coincide with that term's increasing slang use, including inside the fighting game community. Luckily for me, in the FGC it pretty much means the same thing.

Ogawa took the round without hesitation, and yeah, at that level with that kind of prize at stake, that's what you do. He also took the victory dance without hesitation. I pretty much fully agree with all of Ogawa's actions here.