Kawaii Newsletter, 9/12/15
(I just sent a very similar email to the Project SNK newsletter; don't worry if you're having deja vu)

Hi! As you might have seen if you follow KKC or myself on Twitter, life

effectively forced me to take a break on the comic this week. Over the

last two weeks I've had a lot of very sudden and inconvenient happenings

hit me one after the other: a sudden job offer, classes that I had

planned for later in the year moving up into *right now*, and a home

renovation that left me without a work space for the past week. This

also came as I came up on the most important part of Project SNK, the

arcade section. Last week I was merely having a tough time keeping up;

this week, I literally could not do any work on the comic. I neither had

the time nor the setup!

So I apologize for this break, unpreventable as it was. This Patreon has been chugging steadily along for nearly a year and aside from illness and these kinds of circumstances, I've been working hard to keep the promises I made to you all back then. Today I'm back at the drawing board, and hopefully we'll have some comics this weekend or soon. Thanks for your support and your patience.

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