Kawaii Newsletter - DO YOU KNOW?? "GUNBIRD 2"

(This is a two-page post, so please see the link for the first page.)

This is another Thank-You card from Project SNK. @fet asked for a witch game and I chose Gunbird 2, which he already knew and loved. As such, I cut down on the “history” part, sat down with the game, and did a “tips and tricks” section with stuff he might not know! Hence “Do you know?”

“Witch activity” is from the ending theme song of the anime Witchcraft Works.

“Remember it when you see the moon!” is a line from King of Fighters' Iori Yagami, the edgy nntihero who bears the crescent moon as his emblem.

The Queen Pirates are just Doronbo with the outfits and colors changed; as in many videogames there are a couple of playful swipes from other places, like one of the bosses is The O from Zeta Gundam.