Kawaii Stationery Gachapon

I found these stationery sets in that box of Japan trip ephemera and thought I'd share some photos as you never see these any more. They were in machines like gachapon but instead of plastic eggs, it would push out an envelope full of stationery. Best of all, they were in order so you could keep going until you had the full set.

That's obviously what I did with these Tenorikuma sets, each more adorable than the last. I'll never understand why these Sanrio characters weren't more popular - it's tiny raccoons that run a coffee shop! 

Inside you get a sheet of stickers, around A5 size. I love how completely different they are.

I also have this Tamagotchi set, which has much more inside. I got this at the Tama Depa (RIP), which was such a cute shop.

This one has a set of writing paper with a sweets theme.

On the left is a set of notecards, printed on thin card. On the right are stickers. I would love to create a set like this some day.

Do you have any sets like these? If you ever see a stationery gachapon in Japan, let me know so I can look for it on my next trip!

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