Kawaii Newsletter - INVITE!! “KAWAII BOWL”

(also see http://kawaiikochan.moe/post/138813323531/have-a-party-uwa-it-seems-to-have-worked-theyre)

I've been thinking about the Kawaii Bowl for a while now, as I've been doing comics for it since the comic first started. I have no idea why. I'm not actually a football fan. I just thought it would be funny the first time, and why let it go? Why not be the anime-girls webcomic that celebrates the Super Bowl? So over the years we've done the actual Kawaii Bowl, the halftime show for the Kawaii Bowl, the press conference for the Kawaii Bowl. I thought that this time it could be a Kawaii Bowl party.

If you're not American you might not know what a big deal (American) football and the Super Bowl are, but basically on Super Bowl Sunday the average American is at a party for it where maybe 50% of the people there are actually watching the game. It's a major cultural event: more than just sports, it's the full power of corporate America unleashed in one place at one time. Even if they don't care, people feel like there's something wrong if they don't watch it. This year was the first time in a while that I wasn't at a Super Bowl party; I just got together with the guys and played videogames instead.

(Masaka and Majide are watching the Masakas and the Majides in competition. There are so many different Masakas and Majides that this is okay.)

At first I was going to have Masaka call up everybody, leading up to the group shot at the end, but I thought that'd get tedious and concentrated on a not-listening-too-hard Majide.

The Kawaii Bowl is always a videogame championship, but the game is not the same every year or at every competition. I like to imagine it's the culmination of a full season of the Masakas and the Majides playing obscure B-to-D-grade videogames against each other.

Cyber Sled is a very early (1993!) 3D tank combat game, also a PS1 launch title. It's from the early 3D days when it was amazing enough that anything was running at all. I'm kind of excited about VR because of all the “first-gen Playstation 1” type games we'll get to see, more tech demos than full products. Pure novelties like “Mahjong Station Mazin”, where you watch 4 fully animated 3D players sit around a table and play mahjong even though it means that a match takes two hours to finish. I mean, I won't pay 60 bucks for games like that, but...

Nise Majide makes good guacamole because it's green and she likes Game Boy.