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If you are a reader of KKCs it’s very likely that you already know the situation with Persona 5. The game released in Japan last week (this comic was posted the day after the Japanese release), and English speakers have to dodge spoilers until Valentine’s Day, when P5 is due out. This is going to prove very difficult and I would be surprised if trolls didn’t organize efforts to get people spoiled long before the game comes out in English.

It is at this moment that I would like to remind you that "BELOVED CHARACTER X DIES", while a spoiler, is much less significant than the totality of the work and you should try and enjoy the work itself even if spoiled on a particular plot detail. You also shouldn't spoil people, dummy.

Five months is actually a pretty fast turnaround for a large Japanese RPG: typically it takes a year. This requires some coordination between the localization staff and the JP developer, but that isn’t enough to get a game this large out that fast. A comparable case is Monster Hunter Generations (X), which came out in JP last November and in the US this July: eight months, and much of that game is reused material! It just takes a lot of time to do localization: there isn’t an “English Button” that translators are using. Machine translation is inadequate. Final Fantasy XV will be out internationally on the same day, but that’s a feat and it’s something only a huge company taking things very seriously can actually pull off.

As an aside, the Super Robot Wars game I just got done with (Moon Dwellers) had a three-month turnaround, a localization team of 13 people, and it was widely recognized for its very shaky translation. Three people were QA on that script, meaning THREE PEOPLE had to comb a gigantic SRPG script for errors, and let me tell you, they missed a lot. This was a huge company (Ban/Nam), uh, not taking it seriously.

I got the idea for the phrase “PHANTOM THIEF GAMESOFT” when I heard that people were setting up Twitter bots to reply with spoilers to anybody who said the phrase “Persona 5” after its Japanese release. Eventually this just became “what if I pretend the title is “PHANTOM THIEF GAMESOFT”, and THAT became “I need to mock up a cool Persona-like marketing image for a videogame called PHANTOM THIEF GAMESOFT.”

I’m sort of proud of the second panel because boy does that represent some squeezin’. The pose is Ojou-sama Majide (for the bow) throwing a baseball, I think? There are really no cool poses in Comipo so I fudged it by just going the silhouette route and making sure the hands were visible.

Masaka has her hands over her ears the entire comic, which is kind of hard to sustain because there is only one “hands over ears” pose in Comipo, meaning she has to hold the exact same pose the entire comic. I spun her around so that it wouldn’t be so apparent.

Majide suggests “weekend clear”, which is what I did when I was a kid who was only allowed videogame time on the weekends and typically with a Blockbuster Video rental. You buckle down for the weekend and you get it done, and if it’s Lunar on the SCD maybe you rent it three times, whatever. (I really should have bought Lunar as a kid.) If I hadn't been allowed videogame time only on the weekends as a kid, I probably would have bombed all my studies.

Please be careful when avoiding spoilers, that you don’t freak out like Masa did. It is in this panicked state that you are most sensitive to spoilers.

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