Kawaii Sponsors, June 2016
I am again thankful for all of your support. This week has been slow due to real life, but I'm working on stuff as we speak~.  As always the font is courtesy of the Arcade Font Generator, and the font is from Ninja Spirit/Saigo no Nindou, a game near and dear to my heart.  I recently played an indie game that homaged it (Legend of Dark Witch 2, 3DS) and was very pleased.
Tier Benefits
Pledge $1 or more per month
4 patrons

Tanoshii Level

"Tanoshii" means "fun." At this level you can get the feeling of fun.

Update 3/5/2015: As of today all Fan/Fun Club members get free PDFs of both Kawaiikochan magazines, including at this level! You get tanoshii! You get magazines! It's an unbeatable deal!

Newsletter Level
$2 or more per month 8 patrons
In addition to tanoshii, at this level you get the monthly Author Newsletter, where I will be posting:

a) the comics at their full original resolution before Tumblr/Twitter resize them and
b) out-of-character notes about every comic I did that week.

I like to keep the comic itself firmly in character at all times, but I would also like to talk a little bit about the ideas and the making-of. I also admit that I often like to make the joke really obscure and difficult-- it's part of the fun-- and in the newsletter I will be sure to point out what every joke or reference is about.

This has become a place where I don't just explain the jokes, but explain the games and comment on the hobby to a degree as well. Readers seem to like this! If you want to know what's on my mind while I put these together, this is the place.
Majide Plus Level - Majide Trading Cards
$3 or more per month 20 patrons
Shu-shu-pa!! In an old comic Majide tried to sell Masaka on a "Majide Plus" subscription, with exclusive, inspirational "Majide Meigen" (wise sayings) trading cards. It was absurd: who'd ever do that? So at this level, in addition to previous rewards, you will be subscribing to Majide Plus for real.

I post a Majide Trading Card exclusively to Patreon every month. They are one-panel gag comics, often samples of Majide wisdom, often parodies of existing trading cards. Sometimes they aren't about Majide! The important thing is that they are "cards", and that you need to have them all. In the spirit of trading cards, the first one is free.

The cards look like this:

For less than the cost of one large bubble tea per month, you can have access to something truly priceless: Majide's gaming wisdom.
Pledge $5 or more per month
19 patrons

Grand Sponsor Level

At this level, in addition to all previous rewards, your name or internet handle will be featured in a monthly sponsor post on the Kawaiikochan Tumblr. No URLs. @-names are fine. Kawaii Management reserves the right to refuse any sponsor name it finds kimoi (gross).

After making this pledge, please leave a comment under the Activity tab under my post "Grand Sponsor Level" telling me what you'd like your name to be listed as. Here is an example of what a sponsor post looks like.

(The Twitter username @VaporwaveVinny was taken minutes after the launch of this campaign.)

Over time, however, they've gotten much fancier.
Pledge $6 or more per month
7 patrons

Yarisugi Zone

I've decided to institute the new tier "Yarisugi Zone" (named after this comic about Reaper) for readers who, for whatever reason, want to contribute more than $5. This would be solely charitable in nature. "Yarisugi" means "overdoing it."

Believe it or not, I have been asked by a fan or two why the reward levels are so low. The fact is, I want it to be reasonably affordable for people to get all the extra content I do for KKC. I'm pleased with the idea that a big fan can get all the content for $3, and I'm even more pleased that most sponsors go all the way to $5.

I don't believe that I could give people content that's legitimately worth, say, $8 without completely shifting my focus away from the free comic that is the reason I have this Patreon. So, this tier.

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