#KawaiiJournalingHolidayChallenge (12 Days)
Hi all!

Here is the list for the #KawaiiJournalingHolidayChallenge that I'm planning to do (feel free to use these prompts that were also suggested by fellow patrons on this post). 

The challenge is to finish 12 spreads with any of these 15 prompts. The last day will be on December 25th. You don't have to do this everyday so there's not much pressure, hehe! It's also super okay to use the prompts even if you plan to not finish the challenge (I understand that we tend to be busier this time). 

Feel free to sprinkle more creativity & cuteness on your pages. After you complete this, please do send me a dropbox link (the.rainbowholic at gmail dot com) containing photos of your completed spreads & I will send you a special postcard / small love mail from Japan + will include some of your photos in a special video as a reward! :D Hope that is already motivating, hahaha!!

Anyway, without further ado, here is the list that we all came up with! ^^

  • ~ #KawaiiJournalingHolidayChallenge title / start page ~
  • 5 Things I love about Christmas / December / Winter season!
  • Christmas traditions in my country / family (example: In my family, my mom always prepares Carbonara & fruit salad lol)
  • A list of gifts you can give that aren’t tangible (Ex: time, encouragement, love..~)
  • (12) things I'd like my true love to give to me ~
  • My top 3 favorite kawaii characters of 2018!
  • Washi Christmas tree artsy page (tutorial / photos soon!)
  • "Dear Santa.. " page (just like the good old childhood days lol)
  • Easy kawaii snowman page design (tutorial / photos soon!)
  • My most memorable gift (Christmas sock page design - photos soon!)
  • ~ Looking Back ~ my top 3 favorite memories of 2018 (if you have a 2018 journal, you can put the page numbers haha)
  • A letter to my current self (Tip: You can just paste an actual envelope and hide the letter inside for privacy or just fold the letter and secure it with a washi tape)
  • A letter to my future self (You may include "Note: Read this on December __, 2019!")
  • What year 2018 has taught me
  • Lofty dreams & hopeful wishes for 2019!

`Photo version:

UPDATE: You may now download the photo above / printable a6 challenge photo.

I will update this patreon post from time to time to link and add photos for your reference.

Not sure if I can upload a video about every entry but I will do my best! For sure, there will be a compilation video. I will update my patreon / share my spreads through our fb group for my #kawaiijournalingholidaychallenge December spreads! : )

So exciting! Hope you can do this challenge with me! ^^

With love,


(P.S. Feel free to use my printables / or the image above with the kawaii journaling logo for your spreads)

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