KDR Photo Shoot
Oh my darlings! This particular shoot was a long time in the making, and it could not have been a better result! Two years ago, I made a bargain with the talented and amazing Kaiti Rosser of KDR Photography.  (No no, not a crossroads deal, Jenelle! I know you were thinking it!) However, Life is generally a place of unpredictability. Keeps one on their toes! But sometimes, that unpredictability leads to the most marvelous moments of serendipity. Had I done the shoot two years ago as we planned, my dearest Grand Arbiter would not have been there and I would not have the pleasure of these particular garments.

Truly, even in the course of two years, I feel our sartorial standard has changed immensely and I am, well, rather overwhelmed by the progress I have made as a seamstress and dressmaker. More than that, my doves, this moment in time in which we are making our live videos, sharing teatorials with you, and experiencing an unprecedented level of creativity and artistic productivity in our tea community, why, that didn't exist two years ago either.

This photo shoot is a celebration of all of that serendipity and creative magic.  It's also a celebration of the deep and abiding friendship I share with dear Ptolemy who has been by my side for oh so many challenges in the last few years.


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