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- Ground Layer - 
Thank you for your contribution! You'll get access to early comic pages, bonus comic pages and illustrations, and downloadable comic related references.
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- Under Drawing  Layer -

Thank you so much for stepping it up a little! Let me hook you up with more! You'll get access to videos earlier than everyone else, bonus videos, and more downloadables including hi-res illustrations and royalty free music to use in your own videos. Also, you'll get the Ground Layer - bonuses as well. 
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- Under Painting Layer - 
Wow! THANKS YOU MUCH! It really is an honor! I'll work harder for you! So besides the bonuses of the previous layers, you'll also get a special hi-res digital drawing of any character of your choice and a speed art downloadable video to go with it! Plus, there will be more royalty free content for you including music and artwork.
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- Over Painting Layer -
OK, Ok. You CLEARLY HAVE LOTS OF LOVE FOR ME AND I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH! What else can you get here!? Well, besides the bonuses from the previous layers, you'll get EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS, ART, and I'll mail you a print of the your character from - Under Painting Layer-. Also, you will be a background character in one of my comics.

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- Glaze and Varnish - 
Now you're just spoiling me. Ok, ok! Let me do my part!! All the other layers bonuses from before AND...A COUPLE OF SPEAKING LINES IN ONE OF MY COMICS. Not only that, but I'll make a personal video of thanks to everyone on this level and will open up a special periscope live where you can invite whomever and I'll answer any questions you want. Just don't be to evil with that lol Also, you will get one or two exclusive mp3s from my original music. This may be one of my actual songs or it may be an exclusive royalty free song for your video. 
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