Keep on walking! Mr White Mouse!
I like rock and roll. I listened to them when I was small. Some people think they are noisy but... they are great!!! :D They give me energy and wake me up! If I listen to them when I am walking...I rock faster! :)

The attachment is my old web page ("Keep on walking .zip"). You can unzip it and open "index.html". Try to click on "it". ;)

Thank you and see you later.

P.S. Sorry, this "thing" may not work on tiny screen or in Safari web browser.

(Chinese version)

我喜歡搖滾樂,我自小已時常聽,有些人覺得它們很吵耳,但是...我很喜歡!!! :D 它們給我能量及令我精神一振,如果我在走路的時候聽著搖滾樂,我會走得快點! :)

我附上的是我以前的網頁 ("Keep on walking .zip"),你可以把它解壓後打開"index.html",試試用滑鼠點點"它"。 ;)