Keep Running | Procedural Level Generation in Sure Footing
Hey everyone,

So here it is, the first ever case study on AI and Games based on a game that I was actually involved in.  If you're not familiar, I'm the programmer behind Sure Footing: an infinite runner for PC/consoles.  It originally started out as an academic research project until I decided to ship it as a commercial game.

Sure Footing's development took a long time.  In part because I've never made a full-blown game before and made a lot of mistakes along the way.  But also because it wasn't even intended to be a game for sale at first.  This video largely explores the PCG and AI systems that exist within it.  Many of them built originally as part of the research and then it has since continued onward as it has fleshed out into an actual product.

There aren't any additional resources from researching this one given that, well.... I know it all already!  However, be sure to check the video description where I link to the game on Steam and Itch, the press page, links to previous talks given about it's development as well as some of the research papers I have published on this work to-date (right now there are three and I am publishing a fourth one in August).

Now that you have permitted me this rather selfish excursion, we're back on track.  I'm already working away on both the July and August videos and look forward to sharing updates on them with you soon.

- Tommy