Keep up with the Grassroot DIY healthcare and other Developments
Are you into health and you like to participate? I have just altered the different patronages due to the changing posisibilities of the daoland healthcare initative. Reactions of patrons and outsiders have offered a lot of pointers on how to develop:

- Streaming classes with the help of zoom. When you subscribe to this you basically opt for a membership on streaming classes, which are weekly classes of one hour. At first there will only be few classes focussed on bamboo qigong, on Liu's rejuvenating self-massage, and once per month a two hours 5 dragon colour breathing class. Later there will be more. It depends on how succesful the classes become. 

- the next tier is for grassroot instructor training. The wudang taiji healthsports classes will be through streaming classes, with examination per subject, certification, particuipation in the democratic process, etc, just check the tier and sign up!

- the 9,- tier is changed to postgrad tier, allowing you permanent access to the learning platform in the fields that you have certified for so that as a postgrad learning tool you can stay updated and use free stuff to keep developing yourself. One most important aspect there is to develop your artfull expression in your work! Eventually -I hope- all participants end up here to continue their ownership of the program. I am sorry, that is a daoist thing that motivates me to do things this way.

- The highest tier for now is reserved for projects and developing an eutherium program to see if doing so can help us use the funding to offer more free programming. ike to sign up and participate? 

Oh, and yes, I am waiting for the hollidays because then I can make a presentation of two beautiful extra's for participant in a step towards Daoland fashion styles! Any designers there who like to sign up and participate?