"Keeping It Lit" with PyroCelt:

Q: Gosh, isn't that new Flaming Crossed Cocks image just super fancy?

A: Yup, it certainly is! The design is based on the hand-carved firing handles (made from exotic Leopardwood) on my Anti-SaneCraft ARTillary Propane Flame Effect. The best way to get your own swag with this printed on it is to support my Patreon!

 Q: What is Patreon ?

A: It's a way to fund artists as they create art.  You can sign up at various levels from $1 to $15 and each time I create art - or in this case each time PyroCelt Productions does a Propane Flame Effects Show - you contribute!  (=  As a thank you, I have a variety of gifts from Postcards to T-Shirts, Stickers and Patches. 

Q: What qualifies as a show?  

A: Anywhere PyroCelt Productions does Propane Flame Effects.  This could be an installation at a festival, an arts event, a private party or a Burn. 

Q:  How often do you do shows? 

A: Usually I do about a dozen shows a year, but sometimes up to 3 times a month!

Q: Which Propane Flame Effects will you use to make fire at these shows?
A: My series of Poofers called SAFETY3RD (Semi-Automatic Flame Effect Tripods Yielding 3 Rapid Detonations) or my Anti-SaneCraft ARTillary or my Flaming Bagpipes or various other fun (and sometimes weird) custom work.

Q: You say "Propane Flame Effects" often. Why?
A: There are many kinds of flame effects, pyrotechnics and other ways to perform with fire. "Propane Flame Effects" is actually referring to specific kinds of flame effects using propane.  This is important because propane is actually quite safe and tame: it is non-volatile, therefore it only burns (it does not explode).  So when you see a great big giant ball of fire from a Propane Flame Effect, it takes energy, expertise and experience to make that happen!

Q: Do you get paid for some of these shows?  
A: Yes, though I also do lots of pro-bono work.  Contributing to Patreon will give me the finances to bring  more flame effects to more places, more often. Once the basics are covered, I can upgrade and enhance the flame effects that you have seen and loved, as well as bring my Colored Flame Cannons to reality!

Q: Some rewards say they are for the THIRD contribution. What's up with that?
A: The way Patreon works is that you contribute each time a show happens.  To keep the donation levels affordable (and swag of the highest caliber), I send out most of the swag the third time you contribute. 

Q: I want my swag fast! How I can I get it quickly?  
A: Sign up for Patreon fast and quickly! Help Paint The Sky With Fire!

Keeping it lit,


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