Keeping Up the House
Hey there, folks!

Van here, with a bag full of housekeeping. Strap in, and switch on!

So far, in regards to my Patreon, deviantART, and the webcomic contained therein, I've attempted to adhere to an update schedule that features updates on Mondays and Fridays. That schedule has been marginally successful, but on more than a few occasions in the past year, it hasn't gone as consistently as it should.

In an effort to improve my ability to update regularly and on time, I've made a few adjustments that I think will keep things rolling more smoothly, and help organize things here at HQ. So I present to you fine folks this new itinerary, shiny and chrome:


"Bomango" will henceforth update on Mondays at my Patreon page, deviantART, and (when ready) its website as well. Updates will be at least one page or more at a time, in order to keep the story rolling. (My goal is to do better than updating at 1 page per week, but this is to ensure I at least hit the minimum at a regular rate)


Friday's will feature artwork updates primarily on my Patreon page for patrons, but occasionally on dA as well. This includes patron commissions, sketch poll art from Patreon, and stuff just for funsies :).

My goal is to establish a more consistent schedule that helps me balance regular work alongside the comic and related art, and that also helps me to maintain an update schedule so that readers can FINALLY rely on some consistency on my end.

So all that being said, I'm terribly sorry for only throwing words at you today, but I believe this will help things considerably going forward. Thanks so much for reading, thanks for your support, and stay tuned! There's a lot more on the way :D