Keeping you informed
So as you all probably know by now.  I fell victim to a phishing scam that deleted my entire channel.  I let my guard down for 1 minute and failed to check the source of an email.  And this is the result.  The timing could not have been worse.  I had just signed a lease and moved into a new house with my wife and 2 dogs, and all of this was supported by youtube.  I do not know what I am going to do quite yet if I don't get the channel back.  But at the least I will start a new channel and hope I can get back to some stability before I run out of funds.  

Whats happening now:

I have sent emails to youtube and finally got a single response back.  But it was just asking for more information.  No hint about whether or not there is any solution.  From what I've read online from other sources, It seems pretty likely that my channel will not be able to be recovered.  I really hope all that info is wrong.  But I don't have high hopes.  In the mean time I am uploading all of my prior videos one by one to a secondary channel.  If it comes down to it, hopefully I can rebuild there.  I'm not going to publicize it until I get a definitive answer about the main channel though.  

Thanks again for all of your support here on patreon.  Right now it is quite literally all me and my family have for income.  So I want you to know that your support is not being taken for granted.  When I have more news, I'll make another post