Keeping your tools handy
So many of us find that we are drawn to many different divination tools.  Not only are there so many lovely decks out there, some are quite specific, while others convey a particular mood.  Beyond decks, there are runes and other symbol systems that come in many shapes and varieties as well.  

Finding the best way to store our tools, so that they are not only protected but also accessable can be quite tricky.  I still haven't gotten a system that I really like, though I have some ideas!  I'd really love some kind of cabinet with drawers or little cubbies so that I can see all my tools and pick the ones that I need in any given moment.

But right now, I am using a decorative box that I recieved as part of a Christmas present.  It is big enough to hold quite a few of my divination tools, and is easy to grab and carry wherever I might need it.  It also keeps all those tempting bag strings out of view of my cats!

Inside I have a small reference book I made up for the Futhark runes, a beautiful set of Huna disks a friend made (a Hawaiian symbol set) with their booklet, and five of my decks.

Looking at the picture, you can see that some of my decks are in bags while others are in tins/boxes.  I still have several in the boxes they came in, but most of the time I find those boxes flimsy and not inviting to pull decks out of.  The one shining example to the contrary is my Wild Unknown deck which comes in this really super fancy box (I'll take a picture of it another day and show it off, it's really lovely).

While you can find some really beautiful bags specifically for Tarot/Oracle cards, most of my bags were originally from something else.  Starting at the top center (by the box) and working my way around clockwise, I'll talk a bit about my bags.  The one on the bottom, the dark brown one, holds an oversized deck, and was originally from a sheet set.  But it's really just the right size for those larger decks!  On top of it is a bag with a knotwork design on it, which was gifted to me with the deck that is inside of it.  On top of that, the bright pink/purple bag was intended to hold menstrual products actually.  But it has a little bit of padding and a zipper, and is really pretty, so I chose to put one of my decks in it.

On the right side of the bottom row, is a purple gauzy bag that I recieved with some small Goddess statues, and fits a smaller Ogham deck (which is about the size of a deck of regular playing cards, but with less cards).  Under that is a little cardboard box that had an insert to hold a gift card.  It holds a standard deck of cards just perfectly.  And under that is a little gift tin I picked up that fits a standard tarot deck.

The two pouches that are next hold rune sets.  The first is a really beautiful leather pouch (another gift!) with a set of rose quartz runestones in it.  The next is a practice set I made, marking stones I found outside with nailpolish.  The bag is a piece of denim I sewed into a simple bag, and then embroidered for fun.

I have also seen some really lovely wooden tarot boxes, as well as beautiful crocheted bags.  I think that there are lots of options out there, if you keep your eyes open!  

Do you keep your divination tools in special containers?  How do you like to store your tools?