The Keith Manifesto

So here we go.

Post number 1 of my personal Patreon feed.

Two years ago I made a short film called Keith. I made it at a time I was pissed off. I was frustrated and angry and stuck. I'd been trying to get a film made for coming on two years by that point. I'd applied for every single funding scheme available and I was getting nowhere.

So I said, "Well okay, I'll go ahead and make a film with no money, no camera, and no ideas, and I'll do it all in 7 days."And I did. That film was Keith. It went on to win various film awards, play at numerous festivals, and has even been used as teaching materials in  film schools across the world.

Pretty cool, right?

Well guess what... I'm pissed off again.

At myself. 

I had all I needed to make a feature film version of Keith, all but the confidence to see it through. I got my first taste of some sort of weird version of success in film and it scared me. I ran a little too fast, caught a little windburn.

But that was two years ago and after a recent screening of the short film, it's reminded me of the power of getting pissed off, of declaring your intentions out to the world and seeing it through. 

So here's the deal:

  • I will make a 90-minute film based on my Keith short film.
  • I will make it with whatever money and resources I can find (including this Patreon) and won't let the whole 'I don't have enough' myth stop me.
  • I will have it online and ready to screen by 11th August 2018. That's one year from today. 
  • I will document it all as best I can on this here Patreon.

That's about the long and short of it. I currently have zero money, zero software, actors, etc, but I do have the support of my guys at Hawk & Cleaver, and I do have a helping hand in the writing with one of my writing partners, Ben Errington, and this is where we're starting -- we're starting from where we're at.  

If you fancy helping us along, please consider pledging to the cause, even something as little as a dollar will be a great support.

I'll also be posting some short stories as I go, some behind-the-scenes bits and pieces, and I'll be showcasing other stuff from my writer's closet that has no where else to go.

So then... shall we get started?  

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