Kelly Anneken Does It All. And on Friday, I Get To See It!
The title "Lack of Variety Hour" is a bit tongue and cheek. The free (but donations encouraged) comedy show occurring this Friday (10/9/15), 7pm at Octopus Literary Salon with Kelly Anneken and special, hand-picked guest, the spectacular Natasha Muse, boasts plenty variety (i.e. comedy and singing and shameless fun), albeit, *mostly* from one person. Kelly Anneken is that one person, the all-singing, all-joking, kick ass performer and producer, is a renowned comedian, thespian, podcaster, industry professional, and, importantly to yours truly, one of my dearest friends.

Comedy friendships are the oddest to keep track of. We're often so dialed into our own thing that the gradual appreciation of your peers as it moves to familiars and then ultimately friends, that anniversaries, milestones, and time itself is hard to distinguish. I feel like I've known Kelly Anneken forever, but I know it can't be more than half a decade*, cackling in the back of shows at our shady cattiness, bonding over brunch.

Over that short but gloriously impactful time, Kelly Anneken has released one of my favorite cleverly conceived and concise comedy albums, ran almost everything there is to run, from literary magazines to feminist sketch groups, and remained my sardonic high school friend I met well after high school. I'll be at Lack this Friday and I encourage you to do the same (and bring friends, this is Kelly's "DIY Thing I Want To Forever That Best Encapsulates My Tastes and Talents", so support in these first shows is pivotal).

*My first time on stage was 12/3/2009.