Kelpie back in for repair...

Hey folks. Kelpie the Computer has been freezing, not saving, and acting up again recently. Matt and I took Kelpie back to the Apple Store last night to see if they could figure out what’s going on. The Apple techs plan on running a number of tests to see if they can replicate the freezing I’ve been seeing. If it turns out to be a hardware situation they’ll replace the parts, which may mean I’ll be without a computer for 10 - 14 days. 

If they see no hardware issues, they’ll check to see if some of the software is causing the trouble. This may lead to them removing some unused programs or, in the extreme case, wiping the drive and us doing a full reinstall.

If this is the case I should have Kelpie back in a couple of days. Until then I’m without Photoshop / Clip Studio and unable to work. Luckily I can use the tablet to still correspond with folks, though typing on it is a little tricky.

Hopefully I’ll have more information about what’s going on in another day or so. With luck we’ll be able to get Kelpie back up and working here soon. Until then, please excuse the downtime and the extra commission delay. I apologize.

Thanks folks.