Kelpie should be home soon!
Hey folks! It’s been a long - and boring - week and a half, but when I checked the Apple Care site this morning I got some good news. Kelpie is finally on her way home! 

I was hoping to hear back from the Apple Store today, but it’s getting a little late. So, chances are good I’ll get a call from them tomorrow, possibly Friday. It all depends on what shipping they used. But I’m hoping for tomorrow. 

Yes, this does mean no page this week as well. I appologize. Unfortunately it’s kind of hard to work when the equipment you use is out of commission. Which is why I said it’s been a boring week and a half. I enjoy reading, but even I get tired of doing so after a while. And I’ve never been too fond of watching TV. Honestly, I’ve been having anxiety dreams recently about this whole computer issue. It’s not been good for my sleep schedule. 

But, with luck the end is in sight! Thank you all for being so patient about this downtime! I appreciate it!

Here’s to good news tomorrow!