Kelpie’s going on a trip...

Hey folks. Here’s a bit of a follow up on the whole Kelpie the Computer situation. As I mentioned a few days ago, Kelpie’s been freezing, running slow, and not saving lately. 

Matt and I took her in to the Apple Store earlier this week so they could run some tests and hopefully identify the problem. They called last evening to say they hadn’t been able to recreate the freezing issue, so planned on wiping the drive hoping that would remove any programs that may possibly be causing this recent trouble. 

I received a call this morning from them. Kelpie froze soon after the wipe and now is having problems going through the full startup process. They recomended sending her back to the repair facility for further work. I agreeded and she should be heading out sometime this afternoon.

This does mean that there’s a good chance that I may not have Kelpie back until after the holidays. 

With that in mind I’ll be putting the comic on a short hiatus until after the new year. This will give time for Kelpie to come back from the shop and all the necessary programs reloaded. I’d already planned on having the comic’s site go on a hiatus after Issue 2 ends to allow Patreon / the Supporters Area to get a bit more ahead. The comic site’s hiatus will be extended a little longer to make up for this downtime. 

I’m not sure of the exact dates when we’ll be back up and running just yet. I’m a little reluctant to set a date at the moment in case the repair takes longer than expected.

I apologize for the extra delay. I wish I could tell you more about what’s going on with Kelpie, but unfortunately the techs themselves don’t know at the moment. We should find out in a few weeks or so. I’ll come up with something in the meantime. 

Thank you for your patience.