The KEP office.
This page needs some explanation and it's coming soon in comic form--this just what I'm working on.   The KEP office (I'm not sure what it stands for) is where I got forms notarized for the kids to get new passports that would allow them to travel.  Their current ones would expire in July, a week after we returned from Greece.  It turns out you need a 6-month buffer, so when John and the kids went to the airport to fly to Greece,  they were turned away, and instead John spent a hellish few days gathering the documents they'd need for new passports, including a notarized form from me. 

Joe is the director of the project.  The game "Man or Woman" is to guess the gender  of the people you see in the village streets (not very nice), and Joe's fave drink is a freddo cappuccino, a recent arrival to Greece.