Kept Man
Genre: Contemporary Romance (mxm)
Rated: 18+

As  an audio contractor, Carlos Rodriguez is used to seeing the homes of  Miami’s richest when he’s installing their top-of-the-line sound  systems. He also isn’t opposed to occasional flirtation with lonely  trophy wives; it’s practically part of the job. So when Carlos is  propositioned by a young kept man with looks only money can buy, he can’t help but fall head first into a secret and lurid affair. But Alex  isn’t an empty-headed silicone Ken doll. The closer Carlos gets, the  more Alex reveals the disturbing details of his relationship with his  much older boyfriend—how it began, how it developed, and how tightly  Alex wears his proverbial leash. But Alex’s denial runs deep, and Carlos  begins to worry that not only is he in over his head, but he doesn’t  know how to walk away.
Contains: References to underage sex, psychological abuse, sex work