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Keychain of the Day
This is one of my favorite keychains from Hawaii. I've had it for like 15 years and I got it at the wonderful and magical ABC store there. I think the whale is adorable and it is true. Maui is so festive that even the whales go to raise their younguns. The humpbacks with all their blubber might think it is nice, warm water, but I've always found the Pacific to be freezing in the summer and not any better in the winter when the whales show up. Even with a wetsuit, it is pretty brutal. It is worth being cold for all the amazing snorkeling around Black Rock though. It used to be for royalty only back when the island was a kingdom and I can certainly understand why they'd hoard it. Turtles, urchins, critically endangered monk seals, coral, sharks, lionfish, tangs, humuhumunukunukuapua'a, and so much more. Lovely! When the whales come close to you (since, like manatees, you aren't supposed to approach them- MMPA72) during a "Maui mugging", the white on their body combined with the dark blue water and sunlight turn this really opally sort of teal. It is really hypnotic and pretty.