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Keychain of the Day
I just got this keychain recently out of my keychain geocache. I was very impressed to receive it because, hello, it is Donald Duck who is just incredible. I love how he is so angry all the time, and dressed all nautically, and how he speaks. My dad does a really good Donald impression too, actually, whereas I can only do Goofy. This Donald is also in very good, clean condition and he is bendable too! It's really fun to make him sit and wave and get into funny positions. It sure is good to know that there are nice anonymous strangers in the world who are willing to give their best to the Goddess of Smoo. Need something to do on a Friday night? I just found you over 4 hours of Donald Duck cartoons. It's like being on a DisneyCruise! No, don't try to thank me, I'm glad to do it. Have a good weekend!