Keychains. Coming to an Online Store Near Somewhere.
Brand new mini-chara art born straight out of Hare-sans finger tips, making it onto an acrylic board to keep your insubordinate hole turning metal apparatuses in check (or anything else that will fit on a keychain.) Never lose your keys again! Or lose them all at once! The choice is up to youuuuuuuuuuu! Thats the kind of POWER we provide to our Patrons here at AiD!!!!!! Collect them all! Show them off to your friends, family, teachers, and lovers! Tell them who's boss because YOU'VE GOT A KEYCHAIN!!!!!

They'll be first sold at Winter Comiket at the end of the year but we've also found an outlet that will sell doujin goods internationally! All Patrons will get access to the store first! They're a professional store so you guys are better off buying from them than us since we tend to take a while to process orders. On availability, we've made enough of these and they probably won't sell out for a while....but they may end up like our tapestries and sell out in an instant. We can never get a read on these things. These are one of those things we can keep making because they don't cost that much though. We'll see how it goes!


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