Keys to Kemetic Spirituality Syllabus

Unit 1 - Zep Tepi

How was the universe created? Who was the first 'God'? And how is the human soul organized? These are just a few of the topics we explore in Unit 1.

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Unit 2 - Walking The Path 

To reach your greatest spiritual potential, you must be willing to reshape your beliefs in a process known as 'Opening the Way'.

In this unit we go deeper into that process, along with the principles of Maat, the Medu Netcher, and how to use dream work to understand the who you truly are.

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Unit 3 - Kemetic Philosophy and Transcendence; Moving beyond religion and illusion

In this unit, you will move beyond religion and illusion and explore the cycle of birth, life, and death according to Ancient Egyptian teachings. 

We also learn to decode the Book of the Dead for yourself, along with how to remove obstacles to your Ascension.

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Definitions List

Learn the language of ancient Egyptian spirituality with this updated definition list.

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About The Keys to Kemetic Spirituality Course

If you are new to Black Consciousness or African Spirituality, this course is meant for you.  

Kemetic Spirituality is the foundation of ALL African Spirituality.

In fact,  Christianity, Ifa, Voodoo, Candomble, Santeria, Dogon Spirituality, and many other systems evolved their philosophies from Kemetic Spirituality.

That is because Kemetic Spirituality is one of the only systems that give humanity a solution to pain and chaos.

But the Kemetic Mystery System was not taught to everyone, since many are so lost that they never find the path to enlightenment.

For the few who are called to this path, this course will introduce you to the basics along with some advanced concepts hidden in the teachings.  Here is what you'll learn:

  • Who the Jesus myth of Christianity is really based on
  • How to connect to the God within you and bring balance (Maat) to your life
  • What to eat and drink to strengthen your body and soul for your spiritual evolution
  • What the 9 parts of the soul are and what they represent

...and how to decode misunderstood Ancient Egyptian symbols.

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