The rough drawing for Khaos, first of all the Gods to emerge at the very beginning.  Sources are divided as to whether Khaos is male or female, or even a Deity at all; but Aaron over at (snerk, like I know the guy!) has Her down as female.  Given that a whole bunch of other Deities did spring directly (i.e. were born) from Khaos, female does seem appropriate to me. 

She's not a Titaness, per se, but as the idea I had was to draw the primaeval Greek Goddesses, the Protogenoi (which means 'First Born') are part of that.  And what better place to start than with Khaos Herself.

She's actually a Goddess of the middle, clear air, in theory; the modern English word chaos, while it derives from the Greek, has a bit of a different meaning.  One, though that I can't really avoid (not that I want to). 

I'll do this in the same medium as the Hekate of the Crossroads below, in black colored pencil with ink washes for depth of color.  I want Her to be dark, and airy on the atmospheric side.  Her hair is pretty sketchy here, but it will be all swirling eddies, like ink dropped into clear water, or the storm clouds on Jupiter (there have been some amazing reference pictures from Jupiter recently).  I want dark, powerful swirling energy surrounding a delicately rendered serene, morally neutral and implacable face.  We'll see if I can manage that. :)

I do not intend for this to be the Goddess of the Month for July, incidentally.  For that I've decided to do Mokosh, the Slavic Earth-Goddess, related to old Mati Syra Zemia, Moist Mother Earth.  I've been researching Slavic (and also Baltic) Goddesses trying to get a better look at (and feel for) Her.   I'm not sure what medium I'll use just yet.  Stylistically I want Her either after Russian ikons (I have no problem appropriating that sort of thing for Pagan uses, ha), or looking like Russian lacquer ware, with the bright colors on a black background (appropriate for the black and fertile earth).   So that one needs to Muse a bit more.