Kick Kick Bang Bang #6: Meet the Team!
After months focusing on improving, promoting, and touring with the game—*Insert record-scratch noise here*—the Interrobang Studios Team needs to switch gears. We’d been functioning as a fairly interchangeable series of game testers, but now each of our teammates needs to specialize if we’re going to launch this Kickstarter.

Here we go!

Kevin Bolk - Lead Artist and Creative Director! As a co-founder of Interrobang Studios, and the artistic powerhouse behind so much of our work, Kevin has final say on anything visual for the project. He’s responsible for not only the card designs, but packaging, rules layouts, online advertising graphics, Kickstarter visual elements, and branding assets. Basically, if you can see its pretty colors, Kevin will have made it. This is a huge lift, with 30+ categories of art assets to assemble prior to launch. 

Professionally, Kevin’s worked for Nickelodeon, Udon, Tokyopop, Blind Ferret, numerous charities, local businesses, and conventions. He’s got more than 15 published comic books through Interrobang Studios and more than 1700 pages worth of content online. You can read more about him at and view his galleries on

Sarah Martinez - Project Manager and Operational Director! I’m another co-founder of Interrobang Studios, and my job in this complicated machine of a project is to do the research, make a fluid and adaptable plan based on team member feedback, and keep all our team members delivering results across ‘departments’ so that everyone can stay on schedule! This is a must when so much of what each person does is dependent on another team member. I’ve got my hands in each of the team member’s ‘To Do’ lists, as input from each person passes through my central planning hub and is coordinated and communicated to each other person. If the question is “How would this WORK?,” I’m involved.

Outside of Interrobang Studios, Sarah holds down full-time employment as Senior Purchasing staff for one of the largest pop culture and comics merchandise companies on the globe. Accustomed to project management and time-sensitive team interactions from her decade plus in the industry, she’s got functional first-hand knowledge of retail and distribution practices and the connections to make up the gaps.

Blake Schreurs - Blake’s been the silent and indispensable webmaster for Interrobang Studios since 2008. He’s engineered the propriety programming bones that make our site function—from the public-facing side like the pretty bits that display comics and Kevin’s art to the staff-only section that lets us manage uploading art, news posts, and convention updates. He programmed an entire Pocket Rivals web hub to host our information while we were in BETA, will be involved in any new updates to the structure of the or websites. He has been programming an online, playable version of the Pocket Rivals game.  Exciting, right?!

Blake’s been programming since 1995, has Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Computer Science, and is a mighty professional programmer who also has his own long-running freelance company. You can visit to check out his credentials. He’ll tell you he’s most proud of his kids, which both speak AND are a joy to hang out with, and his coaching work with his charity triathlon team. He’s passably good at knowing when to quit before things catch fire, and being prepared with marshmallows if his timing is off.

Sammi Bold - Sammi’s our right hand gal! You’ll have seen her at over 50 conventions with us spanning the past 4 years; she’s the bright and personable redhead behind the table talking pretty and nerdy to all the sweet folks who visit our table. Her well-spoken and friendly nature are perfect for her responsibilities in this Pocket Rivals Kickstarter project—she’s our marketing manager! She juggles the social media schedule, the review requests, the community interactions, the marketing initiatives, and the convention on-site logistics. We’ll have 4 conventions/events back to back during this Kickstarter campaign, and we’re going to need all her levelheaded and energetic super powers at maximum strength. 

Congratulations are due to Sammi! She’ll be graduated from University of Baltimore in just about a month with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Public Relations. She’s deeply entrenched in pop/gamer culture with an art credit for a video game dating SIM, voice acting work for audio fanfic (and our Pocket Rivals Demo Video!), a cohosted PODcast, and more than 300 Disney duck-related objects. Beyond being a Sonic fanatic, she also beat and collected everything in Psychonauts about a decade ago. She wanted you to know that because it was hard.

Sally Catlin - Another unsung hero of the studio that I’m so glad I get to bring forward. Y’all should know that Sally, like Blake, has been with us since circa 2008. She is the second half of our business engine. Using her clear vision and analytic approach, she is a vital second set of hands in our accounting and operational systems. She and I partner on the studio taxes every year and work closely with Kevin to plan the studio’s financial trajectory. She’s the first person I look to when sanity checking ambitious plans and one I trust to help me get the facts straight. For the Pocket Rivals Kickstarter, there will be countless opportunities to get the math wrong or to forget key questions or components. Sally will be there every step of the way, making sure we dot our ‘i’s and cross our ’t’s.

Sally’s a library professional with a degree Geography from the University of Maryland.  An inspired and constantly curious soul, she’s traveled to Iceland for archeological digs and hiked two weeks’ worth of the Appalachian Trail. She’s a hobby naturalist and an ardent camper who knows the edible plants of Maryland on sight and spends several weeks at Pennsic every other year. When indoors, she contributes to and staffs through the Organization for Transformative Works, an online advocacy organization for fandom creators and those who enjoy their art and stories. Her own fandom roots run deep. She once donated an entire station wagon full of hers and her sister’s Star Wars collectibles to the Star Toys Museum in Linthicum Heights, Maryland. 

As you can see, we’ve got the world’s greatest team on board, and we’re rarin’ to go!

kickkick! <3


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