Kick Kick Bang Bang #7: Know Your Goals
We’ve got an awesome game, an awesome team, and some awesome art rolling down the pipeline. The important question is, what’s the Kickstarter meant to accomplish?

It is intended to set a longterm business plan in motion for Interrobang Studios

We want to make a final version of Pocket Rivals, of course, but different markets want different packaging. For sales directly to gamers, selling single packs is fine. However, for selling to game store owners, we need display boxes of 10 to 14 single packs with a counter-friendly designs a la Magic the Gathering’s pop-up backed ornamental boxes. Selling to game store owners also involves going through a distribution company. That can be done, but timing the information releases, the preorder periods, the marketing efforts, the on sale dates, and the exclusive content to both markets for both the Kickstarter and the Game Shops simultaneously is like threading a greased needle blindfolded. Additionally, if no retailer has ever heard of our game, our sales to those stores will be mediocre at best. We’d love to get to the point where Pocket Rivals is sold in shops, but we would be getting ahead of ourselves to jump right in. That’s why were going with the Kickstarter initially and focusing on making ‘ambassador fans’ first!

Pocket Rivals' Kickstarter is a fabulous motivation to ramp up our marketing and a great reason for folks to pay attention. Our campaign aims to produce a final edition of the Pocket Rivals Monsters Vs Robots 2-player starter pack labelled for individual sale. It is also intended to reach the most gamers possible, making the biggest waves we can. Funding allowing, we’ll have official Pocket Rivals play mats and Monsters Vs Robots expansions—however—the most important thing here is to make fans and get noticed. That brand awareness will position us on a stronger financial foundation, give us experience with overseas manufacturing, and establish the level of demand (or lack thereof!) before we go running headlong into a distribution contract.  

Sounds solid, right? Ah, but Interrobang Studios will have a Kickstarter AND a Patreon. Surely that’s a bit much?  I hear you.  We thought long and hard about it. We didn't want to come off as greedy, or bad with money, or worst of all, ungrateful. 

 The Patreon funds have been contributing greatly to our month to month operations. We are implementing growth strategies in a year where our historically strongest-earning conventions have actually been coming in under projections. We’ve obtained better backup systems for our data, invested in new product types, and are actively seeking more reliable revenue streams. Our Patreon Party Guests have kept us on an even keel, and we cannot thank those folks enough! It’s precisely because we are so grateful that we cannot rest on our laurels. It is our responsibility to be thinking of ways we can improve our reach and get the art that these Patreon backers love out in front of even more folks!

That's where the Pocket Rivals Kickstarter comes in.  The Kickstarter itself is NOT the reliable revenue stream we're looking for--but rather, a cash and an audience infusion that should set us up for distribution of our product into stores.  

We're looking for 2 big things out of the Pocket Rivals Kickstarter:

     1.) Funding for Pocket Rivals without debt.

     2.) Massive Audience Growth via the Kickstarter community & all the marketing, reviews, and buzz we can muster.

With both of those things under our belt, and the amazing Pocket Rivals game in hand, not only is distribution into stores a reality, but retailer success with our product--and therefore repeat business with its reliable revenue stream--is all the more likely.

kickkick! <3


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