Kicking against the pricks (Or; A First World Whinge)
One more example of how the NSW Department Education and NSW Teachers Federation have cost this family...

Last year we organised a trip to Adelaide to see 21 Pilots. A band my daughter loves dearly...and her first Rock Concert...

We chose Adelaide over Sydney as it is closer to Wilcannia... Tracy was going to take 2 "Western Days" in leave and we were claiming the mileage as one of our 2 holidays allowed a year under the terms of her employment....

Graham Kahabka and Peter MacBeth forced Tracy to move against her will....

Now Adelaide is further away... Tracy doesn't get the days off.. she will take them at her own expense. We can no longer claim the mileage as our holiday as she doesn't get that allowance here in Dubbo.

So a budgeted trip that would have cost us around $500 will now set us back around $1500.... And this is just one area where the Department and the Union fucked us over with no regard to our finances or mental health. 

All up we are around $60k worse off. I don't have a job yet. Our car is fucked... we are paying exorbitant rent because we weren't given the time to find a place... This place is literally the only one that approved us of the 5 we applied for in the 2 weeks we had to move...2 weeks after Xmas when most rental agencies were closed.

So I am allowed to wallow in self pity and feel fucking depressed. I feel like shit. I don't see the point of anything at all anymore... I am numb... I am without hope....

But... as I have done so every other fucking time throughout my 50 years I will sook for a bit and try again... My life may well be a bag of festering cocks... and some would say I deserve it...but I won't allow it to be the same for my children.... They have endured all this too... And they have suffered with school changes... seeing their mother distressed...seeing their father treated like shit. But they won't see their father or mother give up. We'll continue to kick against the pricks...Just allow me a few days of self pity...please. 

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