The Kickstarter Launch
Hello, Kakos Industries Shareholders and Patrons!

We have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the show and make some wonderful physical goods that many of you and other listeners have been asking for.

It is somewhat difficult to offer physical rewards on Patreon for a number of reasons. The main reason is that Patreon is a subscription service, and most physical rewards are not something most would want to subscribe to. Keeping track of how many months a patron has pledged at a certain level is not built into Patreon, and it can be tough to figure out when to deliver goods. 

For that reason, we've opted to go with Kickstarter to get these shirts, hoodies, and prints made. 

If you are interested in t-shirts, hoodies, and cool prints, then please check out .

If you are not, then we are pleased to have you as a Patreon patron. These two services work differently and appeal to different people, but they are both important to us, and we are thankful to anyone who can support us, no matter how they choose to do so. 

Thank you again for being the best supporters out there.