Kickstarter Rewards and Future
Hello Lovely Folk! 

I've been so quiet here for a variety of reasons. I'm mostly over November's profound sadness and on to looking to the new year and making plenty of music. 

But first, let me get all these Kickstarter rewards out the door! Most bits are here in boxes in my bedroom. I await only the physcal CDs (with much anticipation!) and the buttons (which I forgot about until a late night panic last night.) The buttons may actually beat the disks here, since well it's much less complicated to make a button after all. 

Thank you all for being here. I am smiling and my fingers still for a bit. Ok. I don't think a few words typed in this paragraph are going to fully convey just how much I appreciate your presence here--whether you've joined *waves to Teagan* or have been here since that first month of May 2015.

Some of the higher rewards tiers for the Kickstarter got the flash drives which include a year's worth of Patreon audio recordings (May 2015 to APril 2016.) It turns out I made a lot of music here, and rest assured I will continue to do that. It was fun loading that folder up with mp3's, PDFs of scores, and the occasional relevant jpeg.

But, it's been a while since I checked in with you guys to see what things are really pleasing you. I tend to use the scatter shot approach. Have a video; have a song; have some PDFs. Some things I still haven't done. I need to get the microphones out and set them up near the marimba, so Simon can record a few songs with me before he goes to college next year.