Kickstarter Spotlight: End Transmission Games
I caught up with Devon Oratz, Co-Owner of End Transmission Games, to discuss the company's latest crowdfunding project, SPLINTER. 

Michael Tresca (MT): What's SPLINTER all about?

Devon Oratz (DO): SPLINTER is a tabletop RPG where you delve an infinite and ever-changing dungeon - the Splinter. As an Avatar, you have the power to alter the fabric of reality through will alone. The catch is that all of your adventures are broadcast live as the premier entertainment for the people of Dystopian Earth in the year 2471. Perish in the Splinter, and your Player is just as dead as their Avatar; kill your way to the top, and your Player will become a star. The Kickstarter we're running now will add two books to the SPLINTER core: "Ugly Things" is a huge bestiary of all new strange and terrifying creatures that can be found in the Splinter; "Sometimes Little Wondrous Things" is a book that introduces new gear, weapons, magic items, technology, and spells. 

MT: Why a Kickstarter?

DO: Most of our products were released the old fashioned way, out of pocket. However, in 2014, we decided to try Kickstarter to create Psionics: The Next Stage in Human Evolution. The response was tremendous, and we realized that Kickstarter was the best way to make the highest-quality books available to players. We also managed to deliver close to our projected time on Psionics, and we learned a lot from the process, so we thought we would be able to take what we learned and move forward.

MT: What will backers get if they support the SPLINTER Kickstarter?

DO: Backer tiers range from PDFs of the new supplements as well as the core book, to hardcopy versions of some or all of the books, to the ability to have us create gear or creatures (along with illustrations) to backer specifications; for our highest tier, we will even run a game for backers in person.

MT: How will the money be spent?

DO: We actually have a handy pie chart on our Kickstarter page just for this! A large chunk of the money will be going to the actual printing and shipping of the physical books; the rest will be going to pay our freelance writers and artists. Kickstarter and the payment processing take their cut as well.

MT: What are some of the pledge goals?

DO: The primary goal is to fund both "Ugly Things" and "Sometimes Little Wondrous Things". We have a few really cool stretch goals lined up too, but we don't want to put the cart before the horse: we'll be revealing those as we get closer to funding.

MT:  Where can fans find out more online?

DO: Anyone can visit our website at for information about SPLINTER and updates about the kickstarter. We also have a promotional PDF available, hosted on our website.

MT: Anything else you'd like to add?

DO: SPLINTER is weird and crazy and we hope people will come support the game line by checking out this Kickstarter. If it funds, we have plans for even more cool stuff for the SPLINTER line in the future.

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