Kickstarter Stretch Goal Pin
Everything went better than expected!!

I am truly amazed by the support shown to my moth pin campaign yesterday - we hit funding in only 13 hours! That's pretty impressive, at least to me running my first campaign. People really want this pin!!

In response to this momentous milestone, I'd like to reveal one stretch  goal for our moth pin campaign - the Spanish Moon moth, as above! This image isn't quite the final art, but it is the final concept, so the finished pin will essentially look like that except a bit nicer. 💖 Once this goal is reached, backers will  be able to choose their pin(s) after the campaign via the backer surveys.

If you want, you can check out this update for more info:

Otherwise, thank you so much for your patience & support! This has been an incredible project so far, and I'm really happy I decided to do it. I am so grateful that folks - here, and now on Kickstarter too - have believed in me and my designs enough to reach out and assist me in bringing my creations to life. I am grateful that you, my community, have said "yes!" time and time again on whether you want me to continue working, especially in a tangible way that helps me do that. Thank you always and forever.